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Be Great at Good.


Measure your business impact and get a customized report with actionable insights with our free online assessment. It takes just 5 minutes.

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The Five Cornerstones of a Truly Impactful Business

Good impact is good for business. We've identified five critical areas, or cornerstones, that all organizations must execute effectively to positively impact both business and society.

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Brand DNA

Your brand DNA connects your good endeavors with your authentic organization. The good impact you can achieve begins with knowing who you are.

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Good Principles

Organizations that can tap into their full potential and maximize their impact typically adhere to the same core principles for good.

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ESG Practices

Environmental, Social, and Governance directives increasingly drive more investment and better business outcomes.

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Today’s impact must be captured to inform stakeholders and shareholders, track progress, and help identify potential paths forward.

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Audience Communications

Consistent, clear communication with your audiences is critical to help fuel your impact for good and maintain momentum over time.

Here's How It Works

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1. Take the 5-minute Assessment

Answer questions that evaluate your business or organization.

2. Get Your Impact Score

Instantly receive your impact score detailing how your business fares within all five good cornerstones, as well as insightful next steps on how you can improve.

3. Improve Your Grasp on Good

With your report in hand (and in your inbox), begin your journey to optimizing your business, helping achieve a greater good for both your organization and society.

How Great at Good Are You?

From your mission to how you share progress with the people you serve, your business or organization should have a strong footing on all five impact cornerstones.
Get your impact score today – it takes about 5 minutes.