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Why Every Organization Needs a Crisis Communications Plan
The Case for Crisis Communications Planning



What's Inside?

Everything you need to know about successful crisis management and how to develop a strategic plan uniquely tailored to your organization.

Do you think your organization doesn’t need a crisis communications plan? Think again. According to PwC's latest Global Crisis Survey, seven out of 10 organizations plan to increase their investment in building resilience to crises. Additionally, only 23% of those organizations felt their crisis management functions were well integrated.

In our free eBook, we dive deep into successful crisis planning to help you explore what your organization should be doing to prepare for the unexpected. We provide information to help you define the purpose and scope of your crisis plan and identify risk points and scenarios to plan for.

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The Lay of the Land

More organizations are planning for future crises, realizing that organizational resilience is critical for surviving and thriving.


Crisis Planning Must-Haves

From risk scenarios to communications channels, we map out the most crucial areas to have covered in your crisis plan.


A Checklist To Get Started

Crafting a strategic, easy-to-follow crisis plan can be daunting. We've created a checklist to get yours off the ground.

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You can’t control whether or not a crisis occurs — but you can manage your response and the level of impact on your organization.